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Switch HP V1910-24g

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Switch HP V1910-24g

Hola, buenas tardes.

Tengo un problema con un Switch HP V1910-24g, lo instalo una empresa independiente a nosotros, pero el detalle esque me bloquearon el acceso via web a ese Switch para administrarlo, ya he buscado comandos por consola y no he podido habilitarlo. Me salvarian de un gran problema si me pudieran ayudar con ese comando en Hyperterminal para activar el acceso web. 

Gracias por su apoyo.


Re: Switch HP V1910-24g

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for choosing HPE Support Community. Could you please re-post your question here in English? This will help everybody in the Forum understand the discussion and allow them to participate as well. Thanks.

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Re: Switch HP V1910-24g

What CLI commands you tried to enable the (disabled?) HTTP Web Sever service?

Have you tried to enable the HTTP Service (once you entered the command line mode) with the commands:

<HP1910> system-view

[HP1910] ip http enable

and see if you can reach the Switch Web GUI page within your LAN?

Probably the installed performed this command:

[HP1910] undo ip http enable

to enhance the Switch's security (and only watching the configuration you will be able to see if the installer did any other custom configuration to enhance Switch's security, as example: ACLs).


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Re: Switch HP V1910-24g


he taratado de meter el comando: 

>display local-user service-type ?
ftp Display FTP user
lan-access Display Lan Access user
ssh Display SSH user
telnet Display TELNET user
terminal Display TERMINAL user


pero no he tenido exito. tratare de ingresar el que me mencionas y te comentare que resultado obtuve.

gracias. parnassus

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Re: Switch HP V1910-24g

Try the command display local-user service-type web to verify the status of the Web service.

Prueba el comando display local-user service-type web para examinar el estado del servicio Web.

As example you could see something similar to this:

Un resultado podria ser:

The contents of local user admin:
 State:                    Active
 ServiceType:              ssh/telnet/terminal/web
 Access-limit:             Disabled          Current AccessNum: 1
 User-group:               system
 Bind attributes:
 Authorization attributes:
  User Privilege:          3
  User Profile:            admin
Total 1 local user(s) matched.

If the Web Service is not enabled (or you have Access-limit) then you can enable it as per instructions given above and eventually disable/modify the relevant ACL.

Si el servicio Web no está activado (o tiene un acceso limitado) se puede habilitar como por las instrucciones anteriores.

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Re: Switch HP V1910-24g


Ya realize lo que me mencionas pero solo aparece:


[HP1910] ip http enable

info: HTTP server has been started!

Pero sigo sin poder entrar vie web. tengo esta informacion.

[hp1910]display local-user service-type lan-acces

the contents of local user admin:

State:                         active

Service-type:             lan-access/ssh/telnet/terminal

Access-limit:             Disable                Current  AccessNum: 1

User-group:             System.


y aun asi no puedo ingresar via web. crees que sea otro detalle del switch?