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Switches HP1910-48G (JE009A) on the stack

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Switches HP1910-48G (JE009A) on the stack

To combine switches HP1910-48G (JE009A) on the stack. I can not find the manual. Please step by step how to connect switches to the stack. Thank you.


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Re: Switches HP1910-48G (JE009A) on the stack

These switches don't actually stack. 


You can "stack" them, but it only means you can create a management cluster allowing you to manage them via a single IP address.


There is a "Stack" option in the web GUI.

You then need to create a pool of IP addresses for the devices to talk to each other.

Then select "ENable" in "Build Stack".

Then you need to login to each device and under "Stack" identify all the "stack ports" - these are the ports that link each switch to the master.

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Re: Switches HP1910-48G (JE009A) on the stack

Ok. I did it.

And now?

The settings I've done in the master wasn't replicated to the others.