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Trunking fails after power off/on HP1910 switch

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Trunking fails after power off/on HP1910 switch



I was wondering iof anyone woudl be able to assist with a Trunking issues I have.


Brand new HP 1910 switch connected to an ESXi server with 2 Nics. Ports are  Link aggregated (trunked) with no lacp. When I created the trunk, if I create them for the 2 ports that already have active NICs in the them communication will never work over the trunk. If I setup 2 ports that have nothing in them, plug one NIC in, wait a minute and then plug the other one in it works. I can live with that, but what I am finding is, if I power off the switch and back on again, the trunk will stop sending traffic over it. If I unplug one NIC, it comes back. As soon as I put both in, it fails again. By fails U mean I cannot ping (or anything else) the ESXi server anymore. The idea is to use VLANs once we get the Link Aggregation/trunking setup correctly.


ESXi is setup up correctly with routing set to IP hash. Any ideas what I am doing wring on the HP? I am new to HP switches but this works with Cisco switches no problem.







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