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V1810 DST on "last week" of month

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V1810 DST on "last week" of month

I'm trying to setup DST (Daylight Saving Time Configuration) on a HP V1810-48G running firmware 1.26 (I cannot upgrade to the latest 1.33 immediately).
The DST is not automatically detected from the timezone, but I must manually enter my CET start and end on the web interface.

Now the problem: in the "Daylight Saving Time Configuration" there is no way to describe "last week of month" or "last sunday of match". I can only choose week # 1,2,3,4,5.

How do I choose "last week" as needed by the CET timezone ?

Thank you

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Re: V1810 DST on "last week" of month

Hi, I don't believe that latest 1.33 firmware adds features to/for DST management with respect to 1.26.

When DST is enabled in Recurring Mode, haven't you tried to use Week 1 setting as first Week and Week 5 setting as Last Week for the selected Month?

Isn't that correct?

So, maybe, Sunday of the Last Week of a Month is represented and set simply as "Week 5 Sunday" for that Month.

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