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V1910-24G-PoE Switch, regulate Fan´s

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V1910-24G-PoE Switch, regulate Fan´s




how i can regulate the cooler fan´s in the V1910-24G-PoE switch?

I didn´t find a option over the web - interface and no option or command over the telnet / CLI type secret comand list.


I need  step for step help for blondes ;-)


Thank you very much!



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Re: V1910-24G-PoE Switch, regulate Fan´s

As far as I know there is no way to set the fan speeds. I presume you mean the variable-speed fans to improve energy efficiency? That is regulated by the switch itself and not a manual option.

If you have other knowledge about the fan-speed let me know.

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Re: V1910-24G-PoE Switch, regulate Fan´s

I just powered on the device for the first time and all the (6?) fans seem to be blowing at full speed.

It almost sounds as if an airplane takes off :(


Can anyone please exaplain how to stop this and minimize the noise?

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Re: V1910-24G-PoE Switch, regulate Fan´s

I do realize this is an old thread.


However, I'm at the same dead-end with finding information about how to change the fan speed on this switch. We have several of these switches at work and I never noticed the noise (but it's a pretty loud environment to begin with) so I got one for home and the sucker is louder than my server box.


Aside from that, it's an awesome switch. Though I'm considering returning it and getting a fan-less Cisco.