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V1910-24G login problem

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V1910-24G login problem

I just purchased a V1910-24G and am trying to log in vai the web.  I enter the username of admin and put in the verification code shown and it will not log in.  After several attempts I get kicked out to a white screen with the following message. 

HP V1910-24G Switch Software Version Release 1111P01 en ab0d0200 Save Help Logout Are yousure to save the current configuration?  HP V1910-24G Switch Software Release 11101 ie 0 0 admin 3


What am I doing wrong? 

I haven't done anything to the switch...it is has not been put on the network.  Just taken out of the box, and a cat 5 cable hooked to it and contacted by its ip address.


Getting a little irritated by not being able to log in.  It seems like verification code I type in is wrong.


Thanks, I don't have much (nearly none) with setting up switches.





Re: V1910-24G login problem

Its a common issue with IE exployer can you use Mozilla firefow and try