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V1910-48G 5.20.R1513P15

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V1910-48G 5.20.R1513P15

Hey all, recently upgraded our switches to a 2920-24G and two V1910-48G. The 2920 is working just fine. However, I'm having issues with the two 1910's. The only things I've changed on them are:


- Updated to 5.20.R1513P15 from 5.20.R1111P02 firmware.

- Changed from dynamic to static IP addresses.

- Renamed the device's Sysname.

- Adjusted to manually set the time (no DST in our timezone as well.)

- Modified the user group "system" to Level: "Management" from "Visitor".


Aside from a noticed change in speed (slower now) during the web http management, now whenever the device loses power or is rebooted, all my changed configurations are reset to factory, except the firmware update. So the DHCP server asigns a new IP because it somehow loses its static address, unlike the 2920 which retains its address. Also the time resets back to year 2000, device name just goes to "HP", etc...


Checked through 9 pages of forum posts, didn't see any other issue with this on any HP managed switches. Thanks in advance!

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Re: V1910-48G 5.20.R1513P15

this may be a silly question, but did you actually save the configuration on the 1910s?  you have to manually go to device->configuration-> save and save it for your settings to survive a reboot.

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Re: V1910-48G 5.20.R1513P15

Actually, there is a Save button in the upper right corner of every page...make the changes and then click on the save button.