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V1910 QoS rules pr. port

Robert Vilhelmsen
Occasional Advisor

V1910 QoS rules pr. port



As we cannot have more than 1 QoS rule pr. port on a V1910, would it be fully legal to create one (1) ACL containing multiple rules marking different tcp ports with different DSCP values as below?


acl number 3003 match-order auto
 rule 0 permit tcp destination-port eq 3389 dscp cs1
 rule 5 permit tcp destination-port eq 3050 dscp cs2


traffic classifier AnyHost-AnyProto operator and
 if-match any
 if-match acl 3003


traffic behavior AnyHost-QoS
 filter permit


qos policy AnyHost-QoS
 classifier AnyHost-AnyProto behavior AnyHost-QoS


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/3
 stp edged-port enable
 qos apply policy AnyHost-QoS inbound
 qos trust dscp