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V1910 and jumbo frames

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V1910 and jumbo frames



how do i enable jumbo frames on my JE006a switch, or are they enabled by default?

The manual unfortunately doesn't help, i also don't find the option in the web interface....





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Re: V1910 and jumbo frames

Jumbo frame is default ON in the 1910 switches. There are no settings for this feature.

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Re: V1910 and jumbo frames

Out of curiousity, does the v 1905-24 (JD990A) support jumbo frames?  If so, is it enabled by default as well as in the v1910?  Is there a particular MTU to which it is set or is it dynamic? 

Thank you in advance.

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Re: V1910 and jumbo frames

Additional question to anyone who knows.......


I've v1910, a NAS (Supermicro-based, with good network cards) and a ESXi host based on Intel S5520hc. 

The MTU set to 8170 at both devices. If they're in the same VLAN (e.g. switch does NOT routes packets) everything is fine. But when I put switch in one VLAN and NAS - to another one, ICMP goes ok but larger packets (normal operatio traffic) stall.

Of course, VLANs have different address spaces and VLAN interfaces exist at switch. Another words, looks like switch doesn't route packets with jumbo frames. May be there're some option to tune or this is some bug?....


Thank you all )