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V1910 lldp issue

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V1910 lldp issue


I'm pretty new to this.

I'm trying to set-up LLDP on a v1910.  I have the latest firmware installed.

Data vlan 1

Voice vlan 300

I'm doing tests with port 21.  Uplink for vlan 300 in setup in port 24.

  • LLDP is enabled
  • Port 21 is setup as trunk (24 also).  They both have vlan 1 as untagged and vlan 300 as tagged
  • PVID=1

Port 21 and 24 are in the voice vlan summary as 300-auto

I disabled security in voice vlan.

I'm working with an Aastra 6731i.  The phone keeps getting an ip address from the data vlan and is never configured to use vlan 300.  I tried forcing a vlan (300) in the phone configuration, when I do this it works correctly.

What am I doing wrong?


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Re: V1910 lldp issue

Should work.

If you're stuck and need to get it working, put your Aastra DHCP vendor option on your VLAN1 DHCP scope, and make sure tag 05 02 (hex) followed by 300 (string) is set in the option.