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V1910 stuck on firmware rel 1108

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V1910 stuck on firmware rel 1108

Hi all


Just inherited control over a few V1910's including a 3com branded model. As routine, all were updated to the latest firmware R1513P07 except for one which is refusing to boot on any version newer than R1108.


Monitoring the console activity shows that it POST's and prints the banner on boot. However it stops at "System is Starting..." and loops.


Any idea what's going on here?





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Re: V1910 stuck on firmware rel 1108

So, your switch is rebooting all the time, after the firmware file has been loaded into memory?

Then you probably played with "brand" on your CLI after enabling it with "_cmdline-mode on" "512900"?


Let me tell you one: changing the branding on a 3com/h3c/hp to a different 3com/h3c/hp will only give you trouble. Not only your switch will tell you that you SFP modules aren´t supported any longer. (Luckily it will still work after 30 days )

Now after changing  that branding you´re wondering that the switch itself will only boot with some specific firmware release (in case of HP 1910 with "brand ***" it will actually work up to release F1509 without rebooting all the time.

H3C S5120-SI, 3Com 29xx SFP Plus, HP A5120-SI and HP (V)1910 share the same hardware, only internal device IDs and branding is different. The problem is that some firmware check those IDs and if those are wrong or "strange" the switch will simply reboot. And you cannot change the branding back.

The only solution, at least as I know, is to get a factory firmware that will make your switch again a real "HP V1910". That one is called: "S5120SI-CMW520-A0016-FT.bin". Yes that´s for changing the origin hardware (In the beginning everything is a H3C S5120-SI) to something else.

The problem is that noone at HP tech team seem to have access to that one. This is only available from H3C (factory people), but no one seem to have any contact to them, sadly.

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Re: V1910 stuck on firmware rel 1108

Did you ever manage to get that default firmware allowing to set brand ? I was changing brand on H3C 5500 EI switch, which worked without issues, so I thought why not try it on  3com branded 1910, and it was a bad decision :(


Now I am stuck at S2900-CMW520-R1108.bin

When doing recovery, it hinted for S5120-CMW520-A0010-FT.bin but its nowhere to be found.