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V1910 web management

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V1910 web management

Hi all,


OK, this is really embarassing for a first post but I have hit one of those mental blocks?

I have just taken delivery of some v1910s and thinking I knew how to setup switches..


I have tagged an uplink port (rj45) to a dell switch and they all work fine (trunk tagged 20,180 and untagged 1) and put devices into a right VLAN but I can't seem to be able to web manage it?


However when I plug in another uplink port with just vlan id.1 and .1 on the other end, I can web manage it.


Am I missing something really stupid in my configuration? 


Thank you in advance





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John Gelten
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Re: V1910 web management

1. You mention VLAN 1 is untagged at the uplink-port of the 1910; it is also untagged at the other end of the link (the Dell switch) ?

2. The 1910 switch has an address on its VLAN1 interface (either statically configured or through DHCP)

3. You can ping the switch (it's management address) ?