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VLAN Issue on the V1910

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VLAN Issue on the V1910

I have 4 V1910-48G switches, i am trying to create multiple VLANs for them to be used in a business centre so one 4 points will be used for each office with shared uplink and communal printer ports.


I have created 20 VLANs on each switch, with ports 1-4,5-8,9-12 etc as untagged members and ports 47-48 as tagged members (uplink and communal printer) but this isn't working.


Is there something blindingly obvious i am missing?  I have gone through the VLAN section of the manual with a fine tooth comb but nothing appears to be working.


On other HP switches (pro curve) there's a CLI command ip-helper which gives each VLAN the option to have a gateway IP address but there isn't a similar option for these ones.