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VLAN Setup on HP 1810-48G

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VLAN Setup on HP 1810-48G



I have a HP 1810-48G switch which I need to configure to use two VLANs. I have the Cisco router already configured with the two VLANs.


When I go into the GUI I can setup two VLAN ID however I cannot setup the ip configuration against them.  I tried to telnet/ssh onto the switch to configure that way however I get connection refused.


Ive only set VLANs up in test senarious with other vendors.  Am i missing something?

Thanks for any help.



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Re: VLAN Setup on HP 1810-48G



The 1810 switches can only have one IP address as far as I know, so you need to choose which VLAN should be used for management of the switch. You set this under Network Setup -> Get Connected. Set IP address, netmask and gateway for your management VLAN, and then choose that VLAN ID under the Management Access section on the page.