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VLAN + Trunk on v1910 & 3Com 2928

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VLAN + Trunk on v1910 & 3Com 2928

Hey guys,


i have the following setting & stuck in the vlan-config:


1 HP v1910-24G Software Release 1513P15


1 3Com 2928-SFP Plus Software Release 1513P15


both are connected via fiberglass (2 GBics on each switch). the GBic Ports on each switch are in a link aggregation brigde. no vlan at all, all porta in access-mode.


now i try to setup a vlan & send it across the fiberglass.


ich tried to set up it in the following way (on both switches):


1. created a vlan, ID 2

2. untagged member GE1/0/1

3. changed link mode on the Bridge-Aggregation-Group to trunk

4. tagged Bridge-Aggregation-Group with VLAN-ID 2


now i lost connection between the switches.


can you help me?