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VLAN routing on a HP V1910-16G

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VLAN routing on a HP V1910-16G

Hi there.


I have bought a V1910 switch with L3 functionality.


I have 2 VLAN:


VLAN10     where the interface got IP      and a gateway in the same scope has xxx.253 to the internet.


VLAN20  where the interface got


i have put a default route on the V1910 to mask  net hop


And that works fine, i can ping fron the swith directly to the internet.


But i would like to go to the internet via VLAN20 too, but i can not get it to work, i have tried different static routes put no result


When i tracert in vlan20 (from a PC) i only gets a reply from (the interface in VLAN20)


Any ideas on how i get it to run?




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Re: VLAN routing on a HP V1910-16G

Hey fronken,

did you ever find a solution to that problem? Same happened to me...