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VLAN temporary solution for a Mixed Environment With 1910/1920

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VLAN temporary solution for a Mixed Environment With 1910/1920

Hello Everyone,


I have a small-to-none experience using VLANs, although I understand the overall concept. I went into a problem recently where one of my customers bought a few Access Points that should connect wireless guests to a VLAN, but his envinronment is not yet completely ready to use VLANs.

The company has 5x V1910/1920 switches and a few smaller ones from Planet that are "Vlan Transparent" as Planet says. I have a DHCP server running on VLAN100 (it's a mikrotik) and the Access Points area connecting GUESTS to the same VLAN100.

Apart from this DHCP server running on VLAN100, there's another DHCP server running on a Domain Controller. Those V1910/1920 are "unconfigured" (IE all ports configured as ACCESS and VLAN001).

If I move the Mikrotik and an Access Points to the same Planet Switch they are ok (Wifi guests receive IP just from the DHCP running on the VLAN100), but any other that need to transpass a V1910/V1920 can't connect to the DHCP server. As a temporary solution I considered changing all the ports to Hybrid and add a tagged VLAN100 to all of them. Should it work?

We are remapping the entire Network to set VLANs properly, but it should take a few days and we need to rush a simple solution for those wifi guests.


Thank you,

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Re: VLAN temporary solution for a Mixed Environment With 1910/1920

Well, reading a little bit more, things got clear.

I think it's far from ideal, but for now I've changed all the ports to hybrid and added a tagged vlan to all of them to match the tagged vlan of the Wireless Networks and the DHCP Server for the Wireless, and everyone happily connected.