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Virtual Connect Upgrade to 3.30 Fail

Markus Pernek
Occasional Contributor

Virtual Connect Upgrade to 3.30 Fail

Good morning,


this is my first post in this community so, i don´t know if there is already a answer for my problem.


Our problem is, we upgraded the firmware of our HP VC Flex-10 Modulo from 3.17 to 3.30, now, the active module in bay1 failed, the modul in bay 2 has taken ownership but the configuration wasn´t complete.

we can´t login with our admin accounts we configured before, just the standart account is still active and when we log in, the domain configuration wizzard appears.

we have no chance to configuer our server profiles etc., modul in bay 1 is unable to find the configuration file and we are unable to downgrade or to "redeploy" the config to the VC-modul in bay 1.


our idea is the follow; we put modul from bay 1 in another c7000 enclosure, flush the modul, "deploy" our config and put it back into our c7000 enclosure, do a failover and take modul out of bay 2 so the enclosure runs again with the correct config from modul in bay 1...so the theory.


can this workarround work or will the server in the device bays go offline when we pull out the active vc modul (bay 2 modul) bevor switching to modul in bay 1?


kindest regard,