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Vlan between 1800 and 1810

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Vlan between 1800 and 1810

Hi there folks!


I currently have one Hp procurve 1800-8g switch, and for my company I will need two additional switches that support vlan with my current switch.  


Since the 1800 has been discontinued, I thought that the 1810 was my obvious choice. I decided to google a bit first though before making my purchase and found this comment on a thread:


"In my experience, VLAN tagging is not compatible between 1800 series and the 1810 series switches. You need to supply a separate link cable between a 1800 and a 1810 switch per VLAN (untagged).

You can then propagate a Tagged (LACP) link between your two 1800 switches using a single cable."


The thread is located here:




I find this hard to believe though since I've only heard of vlan problems between brands, not models within a brand. 


Can anyone verify if vlans will work between 1810 and 1800, or point me to better alternatives that work with my current 1800 switch?


Thanks in advance :)






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Re: Vlan between 1800 and 1810

I would like to add that cost is a concern. Not a major concern though, I don't want to compromise speed, since I've had terrible experience with cheap switches in the past. This HP 1800 switch was a total lifesaver when I got it! :)