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Vlan help


Vlan help

I need some help setting up a vlan between an 1800 24g and an 1810 24g. Currently these two switches are connected between port 19 on the 1800 and port 1 on the 1810. I need to bring in a different broadcast domain on port 15 of the 1800, have it go over the current connection between the two switches( without disrupting the current flow of traffic) and have it terminate on port 24 of the 1810 switch. If any assistance could be done I would greatly appreciate it and it will help me learn how hp sets up there vlans. I cannot get a grip on the doc set and I cannot find any good examples of what I want on the web.





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Re: Vlan help

I've a vlan newbie myself, but seeing as too many unanswered questions on this forum, I'll bite.

I believe that when you set the new VLAN's traffic to be tagged on both switches port, you'll be fine. The existing vlan (assuming it's the default vlan 1, untagged) will go through untagged and the new vlan's traffic will go through tagged between the switches.

Then on the other side, if you want that vlan to be nailed down (eg any computer or other switch you plug into it will automatically come up in the new vlan), set the port to be an untagged member of the new vlan, and not a member of vlan 1. Depending on the switch, setting that port to be untagged on new vlan will automatically set it to not be a member of the original vlan.


Here's a site with ProCurve specific information