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Vlans across four switches

Matthew Cutting
Occasional Advisor

Vlans across four switches

Have a 1810-48G switch that has 3 1810-24G switches connected to it via GBIC's fibre. I need to setup 5 vlans on these switches to create 5 different networks.


Looking at:



 20 Library

 30 Lighting 

 40 Sound 

 50 Guest


1810-24              1810-24              1801-48                      1810-24 

XXXX -  - - - - - - - XXXXX - - - - - -   XXXXXXX - - - - - - - - -XXXXX

sw1                       sw2                     sw3                               sw4


As mentioned, there need to be 5 vlans.  I need to make sure I get three vlans from sw1 to sw4. Is it just a matter of creating the vlans and allocating the ports to the vlans? Any other taggin having to be done?





Matthew Cutting
Occasional Advisor

Re: Vlans across four switches

Does anyone have any idea? I have created the VLAN's but cannot ping from sw1 to sw4 with a vlan. Deafult vlan works fine. Does the GBICS automatically carry the vlans, or do these have to be tagged?