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Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming

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Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming

I have the above switch with 2 intel dual port gigabit cards configured in a team. I use the last 4 ports of the switch (21,22,23,24) and have created a team (802.11ad dynamic link aggregation) using the web interface and it works fine using 1.17 firmware.


I can't get the WOL magic packet to get broadcast to the team members however. I know the WOL bios/lan cards/os are working fine because if I disconnect the ethernet cable from the teamed ports (21,22,23,24) and connect it to another free port the PC wakes up fine.


Its very easy to demonstrate this fault by sending repeated WOL magic packets - you can see the switch activity light blink each time a WOL packet is sent. It happens for all connected devices which are not in team ports. The team ports activity light do not blink which is indicating that the WOL magic packet is not being transmitted to the team ports.


When the PC is off, there is a link (10mbps) light for one of the team ports (port 23 - indicating that the link is active waiting to recieve a WOL packet) but no WOL activity lights flash when sending the magic packets :(


Can HP support please confirm this bug and provide a resolution asap?

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Re: Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming

Have you tried creating a Static Mac Address routing on the switch ?

This should direct the packet to a specified port that holds the MAC address of your PC


Alos, to reach out for support, you need to open a support ticket. this forun is not driven by support... :-(


Hope this helps

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Re: Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming



When aggregating ports via LACP, the switch should only distribute traffic to ports with link, so no matter which link in the aggregate is up, that should work.


WOL frames can be unicast of broadcast (destination MAC), which are you using?


If you are using broadcast, this should work. It is possible you have discovered a software bug, in which case you should indeed contact support so we can get the issue elevated towards the software lab.


I did a quick check, we do not currently have bug fixes, nor currently open cases for a similar issue. Unfortunately I do not have time to test this until I have a case number I can work under, but if you log a case, it is likely to come by my desk sooner or later.


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Re: Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming

Same problem here, also with a 1810g-24. 


Case number = 4631768326

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Re: Wake on Lan with V1810G-24 and teaming

Me too. Case ID  is 4650291144