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Which is the right GBIC

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Which is the right GBIC

I'm trying to replace an old switch with a new one.  The new switch is an HP Pro Curve 1410-24G (J9561A).  We need to add a GBIC module to connect to existing fiber.  The J9561A switch will accept 8 different tranceivers. How do I know which one to choose?

Richard Brodie_1
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Re: Which is the right GBIC

You choose the same standard as the one you are replacing, or the one at the other end. If you can't get it from the management interface of either switch, you'll have to inspect one of the old transceivers.


The BX variants use a single fibre with different send/receive wavelengths rather than one in both directions. You probably don't have one of these: if you do, you need to pair them 'UP' and 'DOWN'.


That leaves 4: one of those is 100Mb/s. If you're running the link at gigabit speed its not FX.


Otherwise: SX, LX, LH are in increasing order of distance & cost. If you're not doing anything exotic it's probably SX if you have multimode fibre, LX if singlemode fibre.