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Why does the 1810G-8 Switch package include two power adapters?

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Why does the 1810G-8 Switch package include two power adapters?

I bought several 1810G-8 Switches but paused when I found two AC-DC power supply adapters inside the box. 


The slightly smaller of the two is a slim, wall-wart style, HP part number 5184-5863, Output 12v, 1.085A.


The other is a brick, two-piece style that an AC extension cable plugs into, HP part number 5188-6700, Output 12v, 1.25A.   However, there is no AC extension cable included in the box!


Secondly, next to the power socket, the 1810G-8 clearly shows it requires 12v, 1.25A.


So, which power adapter should be used - the more convenient wall-wart that doesn't appear to output enough power, or the 1.25A that doesn't include the power cable?


I'm only bothering to ask because the 1810G-8 will be installed in a remote location and I want the installation to go perfectly and never look back.



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Re: Why does the 1810G-8 Switch package include two power adapters?



As per Installing and Getting Started guide the box should contain:


Universal AC power adapter (5188-6700)


Power cord for AC power adapter, one of the following:
Australia/New Zealand 8121-0870
Thailand 8121-0664
China 8120-8373
Continental Europe/Denmark/Switzerland/Israel/Vietnam/Indonesia 8120-6314
India 8121-0702
Japan 8120-6316
South Africa 8120-6317
Taiwan 8121-0963
United Kingdom/Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia 8120-8699
United States/Canada/Mexico 8120-6313


If the box contents differ from what's described in the manual, get in touch with your reseller. They will provide you the correct parts.


HPE Networking Engineer