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cascading switch hp 1810g

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owen keefer
Occasional Contributor

cascading switch hp 1810g


I have a cascading switch question using two HP-1810G (use web gui).

The second 1810 150' away needs to be plugged into the first 1810.

I tried this morning and it works if everything is untagged. When I activate the vlans, things just stop being sent.

I assume the vlan info is being passed to the first 1810, but then the first 1810 doesn't know what to do with the info from the second 1810 trunk.

How do I setup the trunk information on both switches?

Picture attached.




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Esteemed Contributor

Re: cascading switch hp 1810g

Hi Owen,

please ensure that the VLANs are tagged on both ends for all VLANs on the cross link. Then it should work.


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owen keefer
Occasional Contributor

Re: cascading switch hp 1810g


Two more questions.

hp 1810 A
port 7 (setup as trunk) to router
port 8 (setup as trunk)

hp 1810 B
port 8 (setup as trunk) to port 8 hp 1810 A

1) Should trunks be setup as static or dynamic or dynamic lacp ?

2) Should trunks on hp A be setup as a trunk group or as individual trunks?

switches, hubs, modems
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Re: cascading switch hp 1810g

I really need a help. I just got a procurve 1810g switch and i like to create a private network consistes of 8 servers. I do not need any trunk or vlans. Just private network. How i am going to do that.

owen keefer
Occasional Contributor

Re: cascading switch hp 1810g


When you mean a "private network", to me that means you need your own vlan so no one else can get to the servers. I dont know if your router can handle vlans or not.

Can you expand on "private network"?

Vlans would let you have a private network and keep stuff secure.

You also could put a router in front of your switch connected to the main network. Even a low end consumer router would work to keep people out of your private net. You could still get to the internet. It could be called old school vlans.


Main Router
Router for your network
Your servers and pcs

I hope this helped somewhat.