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connect 2 V1910 switches

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connect 2 V1910 switches



I want to connect 2 HP V1910-24G-PoE switches.

I have a fiber connected to ports 25 and 26 on both switches.


What is the best option to connect them?

Dynamic LACP ??


And what does STACK do, only for management? or does it combine the two channels like lacp??



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Re: connect 2 V1910 switches

you should see "link aggregation " in the web interface to create a trunk for these 2 lines... do that on both sides.

Stack is disabled on these models.. even though its listed. and yes for management.. 1 switch with 1 ip would control all the others

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Re: connect 2 V1910 switches

Yes, I figured the same, lag is already up w/o any problems.

I tried to setup stack by using th cli and "stack stack-port 1 port bridge-aggregation1" but it says error in syntaxt at "bridge-aggregation1"

And I could not find any info what happens when you set both ports as stack ports on both switches.

It's not the same as link aggregation I guess.