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how to HP 1920 as a Router

Occasional Contributor

how to HP 1920 as a Router


I have a HP1920 and I want to setting as a router, can you tell me how with the configuration ?

Vlan1 = ISP ( internet ) ........ 103.x.x.22 103.x.x.21
Vlan2 = Server (Aplication ) ........
Vlan3 = Static User ( Internet + Server access ) ....
Vlan4= DHCP User ( Internet + Server access ) ....

on Vlan3 and Vlan4 can access Internet and

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Re: how to HP 1920 as a Router

Judging from address 103.x.x.22  You can't !

That address is a public IP address, to route to the internet, you require a device that does NAT and firewalling.
The 1920 can't do NAT


Re: how to HP 1920 as a Router

The 1920's are capable of ip routing and can route traffic accross vlan but again if that's all you need, yes it is capable of that but NATing is not an option on any of HPE switches.


Re: how to HP 1920 as a Router

simply create your vlans and than add the ip address statement to the vlan, this enables the Layer-3 functionality and let your swich act as an MLS (router)


vlan 3
   name "Server"
  untagged 1-8
   tagged 21-24
   ip address
vlan 4
   name "clients"
   untagged 9-12
    tagged 21-24
   ip address
<... more svi's here>
vlan 5 name "ISP uplink" untagged 20 ip address exit

than add the routes (most probably to your ISP) you need if your FW has the ...22

ip route

do not forget to add a route to your connected networks on the switch on the firewall! So your firewall needs something like

ip route via  (summarized route via the nexthop on your 1920)