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how to connect two HP 1810 switches


how to connect two HP 1810 switches

I have a simple question.  I have an 1810-24G and an 1810-8G.  I want to connect the 1810-8g to the 24g.  What changes need to be made for the IP addresses being handed out by the router connected to the 24G to also be passed through and handed out to the computers connected to the 8G?


network is simple              internet >> cable modem >> router >> 24G switch >> 8G switch


Client machines are connected to each of the switches and all machines connected to the 24G are getting DHCP served just fine.  Initially 8G switch was just connected to a port on the 24G and nothing happened, no connection appeared to be made.  24G is running default static IP as  8G was running the same and it was change to DHCP but never appeared to pull an IP from the router.


I'm guessing this is a simple configuration that I am overlooking.  Hoping some one here can suggest a solution or at least point me to another example or manual that explains how/what needs to be configured.


Yes, I have been able to get into both switches via browser using the default IP of and both switches appear to be working fine.  Not a hardware issue.  Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.



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Re: how to connect two HP 1810 switches



In case this helps, I ended up changing the default on the 8G switch to .2.100 and connected it to the same router as the 24G.  All computers on the network can see each other and things look like they are working OK.  This is probably not an optimal solution, but it is working for me so far and it has the added advantage (I think) of the computers attached to the 8G switch having more direct access to the internet, pypassing the traffic on the 24G switch.  All that was needed was to use the broswer based management tool and get in to the 8G, make the change and save it.  The 24G was completely plug-and-play out of the box.  I'll continue to do more research on way to optimize the configuration of this small network and post here as I figure things out.