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hp 1820 vlan configuration

Occasional Contributor

hp 1820 vlan configuration


I have a single hp 1820 switch on my network.

On this switch I have :

  • a nat dhcp firewall (untangle) which gives internet acces
  • some servers and desktop computers from group 1
  • some servers and desktop computers from group 2

Here's what I'm trying to do:

  • group 1 and 2 can't communicate each others
  • group 1 and 2 can access internet

As the port with the firewall can be member of only one untagged vlan, how do you make this ?

I know it's a rather basic scenario, but can't figure it out to share internet on both vlans.

Thx for your help

Respected Contributor

Re: hp 1820 vlan configuration

Just use trunk port towards firewall,  It can carry one VLAN untagged , and all other(s) tagged.
Or you can even chose to tag all VLANs , by setting PVID to non used VLAN.


Occasional Contributor

Re: hp 1820 vlan configuration

thx for the reply :)

On the HP documentation ffor this switch, trunk seem to mean the aggregation of multiple physical links into a single logical link, it doesn't seem to be the same same as the cisco meaning for vlan configuration ..

I'll try to add a tagged vlan on my fw port and create it on my fw.