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hpe 1920 VLAN's for dummies

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hpe 1920 VLAN's for dummies

I am in need of some assistance / advice regarding a basic setup of a vlan on an hpe1920 - I have inherited a site with a pair of 1920's - currently connected to a network using a Draytek firewall router for inet access etc, this is confogured on class c (192.xxx) - seperate to this, but sited right next to one of the 1920's by the comms cabinet is another network, used predominantly for wifi consisting of an Apple Airport extreme and 5 Apple Airport Express's used as AP's - the express's are patched to an 8 port unmanaged hub which is connected to the AAE, this network is configured using Apple default class a (10.xxx) settings - so - given that networking is not my area and HP switches even more of a mystery to me - the client wants to retain the seperate Draytek and Apple inet connections (to keep the ethernet and wifi users seperate) but without getting to clever could I not just in effect remove the unmanaged hub by creating a vlan of say 8 ports on the 1920 and patch the Apple Express's and the Extreme router to that vlan - is that sensible/correct and if so how do I do that on the 1920?

Any assistance advice/pointers etc welcome.