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hpe 1920s web management

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hpe 1920s web management

I have a new hpe 1920s switch  connected to my network by trunk uplink to another switch, i want to connect to the switch web management while i am connected at any other switch on my network, the managment port is port one, and the trunk connection is port 24, what should i do?

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Re: hpe 1920s web management

Your question hasn't a single valid answer: generally a VLAN dedicated to devices' management is created as long as all others required VLANs. If that VLAN dedicated to Management purposes has an IP address and if IP routing is enabled on your network you can administer any devices that has an IP addresd on that dedicated VLAN subnet...without necessarily connecting an host to a port (untagged) on that VLAN (that very host could be on another VLAN subnet and it's just required to add a static route to the VLAN dedicated to Management's IP Address)...that's because there is routing in place. It's just sufficient that you made your uplinks' interfaces tagged members of that VLAN other than the others you would normally transport between devices. Since an uplink port is up also its VLANs are all in up state.

Note that I wrote "VLAN dedicated to management purposes" (so just a normal VLAN) and not "Management VLAN" - is a special VLAN - which is generally not routeable (like in the case of OoBM)