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management port on 1810-24G v2

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management port on 1810-24G v2



Setting management  VLAN and port on 1810-24G v2 does not appear to work the way I expect it to work. 


With management VLAN as 1 and management port as 1 I can connect to the web interface only thorugh port 1 although all other ports are also untagged memberts of VLAN 1. On changing the management port to, say, 3 I can connect only through port 3 etc. 


On creating a new management VLAN 100, and with two ports as untagged members of VLAN 100, only  the port set as the management port allows access to the web interface.  All this appears to be in contradiction to what is in the user manual. Essentially, it appears no matter what VLAN id is used for management, only the port set as management port allows connection to management interface.  Also only devices connected to that port can be pinged from the Diagnostics page. This is the case even if the management VLAN is the default (1).  


Can anyone confirm whether this is the expected behaviour? 


I have not tried choosing the management port as "none";  without knowing what that does and didn't want to risk losing access to the switch.



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Re: management port on 1810-24G v2

Yes, that behaviour is expected, and yes what you want is accomplished by setting the management port to none (which usually is the factory default, so you must have changed it at some point).