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preparing for Voip

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preparing for Voip

So I plan to upgrade my ancient phone system in the next year and plan to go with Voip system.. So i am in the process of learning vlans, qos, and what switch supports it.


My network is very simple. all hp switches. The core switch is a 1800-24g, thats trunked to a 1800-24g on my server rack. The core 1800-24g is also connected to other switches 1810's and a few unmanaged 1410's, all gigabit


No vlans currently, under 80 phones/users. no need for extra security. would like the voip phones to be on there own subnet away from computer ip's.



So voip needs priority. Do i just create a "vlan 2" call it "Voice" and tag it for every port in every switch. I dont see anywhere on the 1800 or 1810 to set priority on a vlan.


Or does the programming inside these smart switches already see 802.1p and prioritize voip all by itsself ?



I dont have extra jacks .. So phones will need to be connected to the switches and computers would be plugged into the phones.


Oh also have a 1910-48g odered that might take the place of my core switch



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Re: preparing for Voip

You're not going to have much luck with the unmanaged switches. Are the rest of your switches PoE at least?


If you enable VLAN tagging on a port, then that port should preserve the tags your phones put on their frames.


The 1810s are very limited in what you can do with them.  How much more does a 2530 or 2920 cost?

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Re: preparing for Voip

in my research i see these new switchs see 801.2p and give them priority 5 over other traffic.. so I could just plug and play