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stranger thing with switch 1910-48

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stranger thing with switch 1910-48

Hi, two weeks before I installed switch JG540 (model in subject).

This morning , when i arrive at the office, some switch ports were not working, I unplug the switch and plug back and watch that connection lights are switch off , just the power light is on(green intermitent). I wait and repeat the process several times but nothing. Then I try to disconnect giga port that is connected to another switch and then all the lights switch on , next I connect giga port and all ok again, all lights on and all pc's connected to LAN . It is a very rare thing.
Do you think it can be any explanation?. Thank you!

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Re: stranger thing with switch 1910-48

Have you checked for any possible Loop between your two interconnected switches?

If you have a single Uplink link between them you must be sure that that link is the only one physical link between them...this to avoid any Loop (then you must also be sure that nobody created a Loop intra-Switch, connecting one port to another on the same unit with a Patch Cord, Switch side or Wall side...it doesn't matter).