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Re: transceiver information on web interface

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transceiver information on web interface

How to find transceiver information in switch without CLI?

Along interface, a port with a SFP module plugged in appears just like an empty one.

Only in log I find some event "SFP plugged".


Re: transceiver information on web interface

Hello @ecorec,

Can you share rotuer model  number or SKU# & product number 'JXXXX'?


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Re: transceiver information on web interface

Hi @ecorec !

If you speak about Comware-based routers like MSR or HSR I don't think it's possible. I've checked one MSR3xxx running one of the latest Comware 7 s/w releases and it doesn't have such information in its Web GUI. The closest I could get was System tool -> Diagnosis -> Diagnosis Export, download the file and then check the 'display transceiver information' section in the diagnostic file.

If you mean any other platform apart from MSR and HSR, let us know the router's model and s/w version it's running on.

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Re: transceiver information on web interface

Sorry, I wrote "router" instead of "switch"

Now I edited my first message.

These are two models where I have SFP modules plugged in:

HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1820 24G - J9980A
Aruba Instant On 1930 24G Switch - JL683A

In a CLI managed switch, I would use "show interfaces transceiver" or "show tech tansceiver". In these switches I cannot even tell if a port has a module plugged in.
Only in log (and support file) I find an event "SFP plugged", but nothing about module, status etc.

In 1820:

SFP inserted in 25

In 1930:
Info NSFP-I-SFPGibicDetected 25 SFP port is present, module type - 1000BASE-SX Notice LINK-N-PortConfRecover Port 25 configured to speed 1G