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updated - Need assistance setting up inter-vlan on HP Procurve 1920-48G switch

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updated - Need assistance setting up inter-vlan on HP Procurve 1920-48G switch


I was able to setup communication between VLANs 10 and 20 (hosts can ping each other). VLAN 1 has an IP of VLAN 1 is connected to my network and anything on VLAN 1 can get out to the Internet. What do I need to do in order to allow computers on VLAN 10 and 20 to communicate with the Internet?


*original porst*

I have one HP 1920 switch with two vlans. VLAN 10 on port 5 and VLAN 20 on port 37. On VLAN 10 there is a host with IP and a host on VLAN 20


On the swith I've created two VLAN interfaces: for VLAN 10 and for VLAN 20.


Now, I would like to route traffic between these two hosts. If possible, how would I go about configuring the switch for inter-vlan routing?


Please let me know if you need more information.


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Re: updated - Need assistance setting up inter-vlan on HP Procurve 1920-48G switch

On your switch you need a default route poionting at your internet router (probably already have it).

On your internet router you need two static routes, pointing at your switch for the two new subnets you have created.


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Re: updated - Need assistance setting up inter-vlan on HP Procurve 1920-48G switch



We are facing similar issues as well with HP 1920-16G switch. We want to create the following topology, but would like to seek HP gurus here for some advise on best practices. We would like to do the following.


1.   Vlan1 ( - Management Vlan (connects to internet, fw and all other pc)

2.   Vlan10 ( - CCTV & Door Access IP

3.   Vlan 20 ( - iSCSI storage

4.   Vlan 30 ( - Wireless AP - Staff

5.   Vlan 40 ( - Wireless AP - Guest


Network consist of:

1.  HP 1820 switches, and only 1x HP 1920 switch (configured as core switch). Total users, approx 100 terminals.

2.  Using a fortigate firewall.

3.  Most of network devices are not Vlan Aware, except for wireless AP (future plan). Hence, need to make preparation for it to happen.

4.  1x Server, 1x Storage will be connected to the HP 1920. For now, storage connects directly to server (iscsi), we may want to explore the option of having it connected to HP 1920 via VLan (optional) in case they play to use share storage.


What have we performed:

1.  We ran through some help pages in this forum and online, and managed to have some success setting up the VLan (interface, tagged, untagged and PVID).

2.  Managed to get Management (vlan1) is able to connect to Vlan10 and 20



1.  Would HP recommend placing all users in separate vlan and set management vlan (vlan1) only for management of network devices? Eg: Currently all pcs, printers, servers are on VLan1. Setup Vlan40 for servers, Vlan50 for PCs?

2.  We could not get NON Vlan1 to access internet. Only vlan1 can access internet as the router is connected to vlan1. we've set the ipv4 routing to include / > FW Gateway ip, and theoratically it should work for other vlans as well but ... it doesn't. Some article suggested (and approved by HP) to downgrade firmware, but that's for its previous model HP 1910 switch. So now, I'm confused. Is this a known firmware issue or configuration issue that's limiting this?

3.  We know HP 1920 have some basic routing features built in (interface up to 8 vlan static route), so it should be able to handle some rather basic inter-vlan route. But it's not happening here.

4.  For the vlan30 (Wireless - Staff), since it cannot access internet, connecting to the wireless would be pointless as well. For the wireless AP IP address, should we be placing it in Vlan1? and staff in vlan30, and guest in vlan50?


Please help fellow gurus. We are wits end trying to figure this thing out.