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v1910 (3COM) VLAN Problem with Trunk Ports

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v1910 (3COM) VLAN Problem with Trunk Ports

Hi All,


Trying to set up 2 V1910 switches with 2 VLANs.  I'm using the Default VLAN, and creating 1 other, because of the inability to move the primary VLAN for network management to any other VLAN.


Anyhow, I get the VLANs created (1 and 100).  Before creating the VLANs, I create 2 Aggregate Links (bonded ports).  Ports 2/3  and ports 25-29.   Ports 2/3 (BAGG1) are assigned to default VLAN, and tagged. Ports 25-29 (BAGG2) are Assigned and Tagged to VLAN100.


I make sure that all ports I don't want to access from the other side are untagged, and things seem to be going well except for the following:


In the Default VLAN, BAGG1 won't act as a Trunk port.  I'm using BAGG1 as a 2GB Link between the 2 switches for that VLAN.  Ports are tagged properly, but I'm assuming because it's the default VLAN, even though the ID is the same, packets won't flow to the second switch.


If I try to change the Link Type of BAGG1 (or it's associated ports.. or both) to a Trunk Port, The ports, and the BAGG1 become Untagged and I cannot retag them in the default VLAN.  In VLAN100, I am able to set BAGG2 and it's associated ports as trunk ports and keep them tagged.


Is this a short coming of the switch, or am I doing something wrong?