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v1910 (JE007a) - ARP/Routing Limitations?

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v1910 (JE007a) - ARP/Routing Limitations?

I have a customer with a bunch of v1910's running as their Core.  They have 3 VLANs configured (vocie, data, wireless).  They ahve ran into what seems to be a limitation of these switches in regards to a 256 node routing limitation. 


It seems as though when they reach more than 256 nodes, nodes begin to drop off the arp table and are no longer routable.  This is cuasing a huge amount of issues as the Vocie and Data subnets need to be continuously talking to each other, otherwise the Unified Communications system has issues (ie, phoen client on PC can no longer see the users phone.)


Is this a true limitation of these switches, or is there something in the setup that could allieviate this issue?   As far as i can tell these are NOT L3 switches, but L2+, correct? 



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Re: v1910 (JE007a) - ARP/Routing Limitations?


1910's running as their Core




ARP 256 entries 

Looks like a software limit to diversify their switches...


Try to get a "core" switch instead, e.g. HP E4800 (== 3Com 4800G plus HP lifetime warranty; "ARP 8K entries"). You can get those rather cheap on ebay & Co. if money is low.