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v1910 SFP VLAN

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v1910 SFP VLAN

I have two v1910-16G switches configured as edge switches at two separate physical locations connected via multi-mode fiber. Each switch has three distinct fiber connections: Port 17 connected to Port 17 via fiber. Ports 18 and ports 20 connected as well via additional fiber. Bottom line is each switch has three active fiber connections.


The primary VLAN communicates just fine and I can both see and configure the switches at each end. I have two other VLANS, port based, utilizing 1 RJ45 port and 1 SFP port each on both switches. The switches on each end show connectivity but no traffic passes over the link.



Ports 1-14 and Port 17(SFP) configured as a VLAN with VLAN id of 1 - untagged. Verified on both switches.




Port 15 and Port 18 (SFP) configured as a VLAN with VLAN id of 3 - untagged. This has been verified on both switches.



Port 16 and Port 20 (SFP) configured as a VLAN with VLAN id of 4 - untagged. Verified on both switches.


I'm missing something but can't quite figure out what. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!





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Re: v1910 SFP VLAN

So you have a PC on port 15 on each switch, both PCs in the same subnet, and they can't communicate?