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Re: weird MAC address from v1910 switch

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weird MAC address from v1910 switch



We have installed a v1910-24G switch and it gave us some difficulties.


It turns out that the switch is not using a standard MAC address, but a very weird one. The switch query the DHCP server   with this value:



The official MAC address is d0-7e-28-22-ca-57, however when I ping its IP address, the arp table shows this MAC instead: d0-7e-28-22-ca-58 (the last digit is different).


Is this a sign that the switch is broken and should be returned?




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Re: weird MAC address from v1910 switch



The value you refer to is the client identifier, which is typically the hostname for a normal pc.

In this case the switch will use the vlan id and the mac as the identifier.

The actual value is hex encoded, so when translated to text (use eg  http://home.paulschou.net/tools/xlate/ - fill in the value in the hex column and decode), you actually get



So this is a perfectly normal client identifier.


A switch typically has a range of mac addresses, on the box you will find the base mac address, each interface or vlan will get an incremental value of the base mac address, so again this is normal behavior.


Best regards,Peter