On-Demand-Webcast | Interactive Webcast Series with Ted Dunning

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On-Demand-Webcast | Interactive Webcast Series with Ted Dunning

Is (the) cloud era coming to an end?


Ask your questions about data logistics

In an interactive webcast series Ted Dunning, CTO HPE Data Fabric (former MapR), answered 30 questions in 30 minutes. As the first event of this webcast series, on June 16 the focus was on data logistics. Participants could submit their questions while registering, via social media using the hashtags #AskTed & #HPE or live during the session.

Watch here the webcast on demand
TedDunning.jpgTed Dunning is Data Fabric CTO at HPE. He has a long history of startups in machine learning and large data systems including MapR, Veoh Networks and ID Analytics. He also has a strong background in open source software, serving until recently on the board of directors at the Apache Software Foundation.
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Moderator: Thomas Meier, HPE Chief Technologist (DT) Intelligent Data Platform
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