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DL580 running W2K3 x64

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DL580 running W2K3 x64

HI, I am running a DL580, 2 processors, 8Gb ram and raid 1. Our application runs very well on 32 bit and we have now moved to a 64bit platform to overcome 32 bit limitations. The problem is that the performance is dog slow, twice as long as running in 32 bit. The app that is being run on the dl580 is 64bit just in case you ask.. I can see by googling that lots of others seem to have a similar problem with running x64. Any ideas/ suggestions would be welcomed... The application guys are pulling whats left of their hair out. WE are still waiting on the software company to come back to us.

Thx in advance

Chris Ciapala
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Re: DL580 running W2K3 x64

What kind of applicaton is this?
I know from personal experience that running for example database on Windows x64 requires quite a few hotfixes to be applied to achieve acceptable performance and stability.