Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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Disk sharing on Windows Server

Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

Disk sharing on Windows Server

Hello colleagues,
I'm quite new of Windows operating system, just some experience as domestic user...
We've currently a product based on HP UX 11i and LVM file system, on HP 9000 series servers, able to share physical volumes among different machines, then among different application of different hosts (something like HP MC / Service Guard behaviour).
We'd like to port the application on Windows platform.
I guess that the shareable storage devices (Virtual Arrays, Storage Area Networks) can be managed through Windows server too...
Then my question is:
does Windows Server native support the "live" mounting / dismounting of "logical volumes"? does some 3PP product is needed?

Thanks a lot
Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

Re: Disk sharing on Windows Server

I've open the thread in the wrong section