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Hyper-V-2008-R2-RTM-X64 on DL-385-G2

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Hyper-V-2008-R2-RTM-X64 on DL-385-G2


I have been trying to install HVS2008-R2-RTM on DL-385-G2 machine which is a very straight forward process, but, I am keep on getting the error message during the setup that says setup couldnt continue because it couldnt load the \windows\system32\drviers\HPSAMD.sys. The is missing or corrupted.

HPSAMD.sys is a basic driver for entry level E200/E200i HBA.

The ROM is A09 and up-to-date but still I couldn’t get through initial phase and secondly since HyperV2k8R2 doesn’t contain F6 feature so I couldn’t supply the driver CD during the setup.

I have tried to install it of the DVD and also using the Smart Start 8.30 but nothing seems to be working.

Any hint or help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hyper-V-2008-R2-RTM-X64 on DL-385-G2

hi dani,

Try to slipstream the drivers onto your DVD. This link might help, it's a different OS but the principles are the same.

good luck, if you appreciate the answers we appreciate the points!
Roger Faucher
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