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Memory drops on HP / AMD servers

Occasional Advisor

Memory drops on HP / AMD servers


we have 3 HP / AMD Opteron Dual Core servers with Windows x64 installed which suffer the same issue:
the physical memory used by the application drops to near 0!!!!

During instance activity on the server suddenly the memory consumed by the application go from Gb or Mb to Kb!
I have 16Gb installed, 14Gb of physical memory used and boom... free memory jump to 15.5Gb, ALL the applications on the server see their memory usage dropping to few Kb.

Dell and IBM servers don't have this issue, Why customer's HP servers suffer this issue.

The server don't crash, the application starts using the virtual memory instead of the physical memory, but this cause the server to become unresponsive and slow. The better solution when this issue appears is to restart the services or the entire server.