Windows Server 2003 for 64-Bit Extended Systems
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Microsoft windows services for UNIX

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Microsoft windows services for UNIX


We have an itanium server(HP rx2600) running windows 2003.

I need to access a unix nfs share on this system.

I thought installing windows services for unix would help me to access the unix nfs share.

I downloaded the windows services for unix version 3.5 from microsoft website.

When I start installation it throws the following error message:

"Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX cannot be installed on Windows running on a 64-bit computer."

Please suggest.
Thanks & Regards
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Microsoft windows services for UNIX

It seems that 64 bit processors are not supported by the product. As another option, you can configure SAMBA on the UNIX server and define a Windows share on the Unix server so Windows can access without additional software.
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Ken Grabowski
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Re: Microsoft windows services for UNIX

If your other server is an HP-UX system you should already have a version of Samba called CIFS as part of the core OS OE. You can specify the smb share through that software.