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NFS not transferring the JPG

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NFS not transferring the JPG

Hi all

I am using NFS to transfer some data from linux environment to the windows XP environment and I can see everything is mounted and I can see some jpg files being dropped into the share folder but its not being transferred over to windows side. All the other files I can see that they are being transferred.

Any clue?

I would appreciate any suggestion from anybody.


Chris Ciapala
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Re: NFS not transferring the JPG

I don't think this has anything to do with JPG files. Something else is going on behind, I would first check syslog on linux side, then event log on connected windows system. I would also investigate issue with small/capital letters, digicams tends to produce .JPG extension, which has to be handled somehow, renamed to small, etc, depends what you set on your NFS server.
Anyway, syslog should give you some hints.