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NetServer LH 4 - Conversion

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NetServer LH 4 - Conversion

I have a HP NetServer LH 4 I won on a Police auction site. It has been wiped of its operating system. Can another operating system other than a net server system be loaded? I have a desktop CPU with xp 2003 I thought about scavenging.
Ronald Postma
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Re: NetServer LH 4 - Conversion

I'm not so familiar with this model, but HP does not support XP for this machine, but it does support win2003 that uses about the same drivers, so you can always try.
Problem might be that the Netraid 4M storage controller is not found by your XP CD and it will not find any harddisks.

If I were you and you have a XP CD, just try and see where it ends up. If no harddisk is found you might try to use the Windows 2000 driver that is availeble or splipstream driverpacks for XP in your own XP disk.

If you go to you can download them and the program to do it with. I guess there is a manual on that site how to proceed.

have a nice day,
Regards, Ronald
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