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No SQL cluster

David Gtz

No SQL cluster

Hi everyone!
we are triying to rise a sql 2005 cluster
but we cant .. , it shows a DNS error that says there is a PTR registry on the DNS already created , but we check the DNS manualy .. and there is not .. even witha ping -a there is no resolution , flushdns .. everithing ..
the MCSC its up

first we was having problems constructing the MSCS because we are booting from SAN , and the cluster says that ot cannot find shared resources (quorum, etc) 'cause is on the same path
we find a solution but we couldent download the patch that we required .. , even ASKING to HP support on the phone ...
im talkin about

"Boot from SAN Cluster Registry Update utility" " (16 KB)"

instead of that we use
for asing a single prefered path for boot luns .. and shared disks

does anyone can help me!!!

at this high idont know if the problem is the mpio DSM , and asing the same path .. or the DNS .. we already use administrator acount for everithing

ah!! .. by the way ..

stopping the Cluster services
in one node i can install the sql cluster

obi-one-itrc forums you are my last hope ..
thanks to everyone for reading my case

best regards!

David Gtz

Re: No SQL cluster

oh! .. i am using win 2k3 64 bit ..
SP 2

Rune J. Winje
Honored Contributor

Re: No SQL cluster

the "Boot from SAN Cluster Registry Update Utility" may be outdated info.

Anyway it can be done manually per this article:

However this article is also referencing an old version of storport.sys so additionally I would download and use the latest storport.sys driver: (.4485) (There are about 10 storport.sys hotfixes _after_ SP2 that are more or less important. This is the one with highest version number. SP2 without a storport.sys update is asking for trouble...)
If you find a newer version of storport.sys I'm interested!

And a couple of recommended cluster hotfixes: (.4250) Cluster Resource Monitor hotfix (Resrcmon.exe) (.4187) ClusDisk hotfix

The PTR error you get may be a reverse lookup registration or it may also be an error that can be safely ignored if it is caused by a cluster network name not being online yet:

Additionally if you are able to install a cluster at one node, have a look at the Quorum properties and make sure that the Quorum disk is on a shared clustered disk and not a "local" SAN disk. (If wrong then select to move it to the correct disk in the cluster admin).