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Problems w2k3 license 32bits and 64bits

Antonio Alemany_1
Occasional Visitor

Problems w2k3 license 32bits and 64bits

Hello, I buy 5 DL385G2 Proliants from HP, and 5 OEM Windows 2k3 R2 Licenses.
The licenses arrived with 32bits license :-(
I ask my provider and he indicates that HP only has 32bits OEM licenses.
I don't think it, please is it true?.
I can't buy HP proliants with W2k3 R2 64bits OEM licenses?¿ Can I install w2k3 64bits with 32bits key?
Thanks in advanced.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems w2k3 license 32bits and 64bits


According to the HP website (, you can buy the DL385 G2 with 32-bit or 64-bit W2K3 but HP doesn't pre-install the 64-bit version (pull down the list under Microsoft OS). If you bought the servers and the licenses from the same vendor, I would think that it's their job to fix this, particularly if you specified you wanted 64-bit OS. If you can't get any satisfaction from them, call 1 800 HP-INVENT and see if they can help (and remember not to buy from that reseller again).

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